K-21 Mercury Cougar 1968 goldmetallic Matchbox

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Art.Nr.: MB-K-21
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Artikelnummer K-21

Mercury Cougar 1968 goldmetallic
Neuheit im Matchbox Sortiment 1968

gebraucht aus Samlung, sehr schöner Zustand, siehe Originalfoto

hier einige Informationen dazu / Zitat :

In 1968 the Lesney Matchbox King-Size K-21 Mercury Cougar became the first Passenger Vehicle to join the range, It was always painted metallic gold and it had opening doors and clear plastic windows, The baseplate was silver plated and it included the grille and headlights as part of the casting,
The wheel hubs were chrome plated metal and the tyres were black rubber, The interior was usually red plastic but a small number have been found with off white interiors, The model featured 'True Guide Steering' which enabled the front wheels to be steered by pushing the car in the direction you wanted to steer it, This was due to the extra grip from the rubber tyres that would enable the steering system to function. The model was packaged in F type window boxes

K-21 Mercury Cougar 1968 goldmetallic Matchbox

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